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Parque Europa (en inglés)

Publicado el 20/02/2014 por Irune Gómez

P.EuropaTorreParque Europa is a fantastic park especially for families. Located in a town on the outskirts of Madrid (Torrejón de Ardoz); it is a little far for tourists to visit, however, if you live locally it will would make for several enjoyable trips. Irune, her children and I had a great time at the park and despite the coldness of February it was a lovely clear day.

It is build on previously disused land which was full of rubbish and has since been transformed into a beautiful park that the whole community can benefit from. The focus of the park is a series of reproductions of European monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and Trevi Fountain.


Walking around the park and seeing these monuments in miniature are the main attraction of the park and is free. This took us the whole, fun filled, day to complete although it might be better to see the park in spring when the flowers have returned.

P.Europaplaza mayor

Other points of particular interest include an actual piece of the Berlin Wall. P.EuropamolinoAlso, there are a variety of adventurous activities for children of all ages: playgrounds built like castles, peddle boats, pony riding, archery – the list goes on. What I would consider a benefit of Parque Europa is that although you have to pay for individual activities (for example, archery is €6 for half an hour) you don’t pay an overall fee like in a theme park. Essentially, you pay for what you want to do.

«La Mujer Gigante» (the Giant Woman) was another great attraction in the park. It’s an educational tour through a replica of a human female’s body. You enter with a tour guide into the head and learn about the brain and as you walk further through the body you learn the purpose of the different organs and about the development of babies as La Mujer Gigante is pregnant! (Prices €5 adults and €4 children).

P.Europa La Mujer Gigante

I would defiantly recommend Parque Europa to friends, especially with young families although you do need a car to get there.

My name is Zoë Salanitro and I am a 19 year old au pair spending the year in Madrid in an attempt to learn Castellano.


Autora invitada: Zoë Salanitro

¡Gracias, Zoë, por querer compartir tu experiencia en La Mujer Pulpo!

¡Espero que tu estancia en Madrid, España, sea bonita…

… y que nos cuentes más viajes y lugares que vayas visitando cuando quieras! 🙂

Irune – La Mujer Pulpo
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